IMV Gaming Gridiron Champions Concept Art

IMV Gaming Gridiron Champions Concept Art

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On Dec 21, 2017 IMV released the following player model concept art:

Player Model for Gridiron Champions

This really got people excited as many people assumed that this is essentially what the gameplay will look like. The models look great you say, what’s not to like?

In my opinion, the above could be accomplished for < $500 and these models in no way represent what IMV Gaming is capable of producing. You can purchase 3D player models online and modify them to suit your needs. It’s relatively simple to customize and tweak the models and the models themselves are a tiny percentage of the real challenges of developing a quality game.

Here’s a similar model I found here for under $400. The face looks very similar. This one even comes with animations and facial expressions, with minimal skill, the IMV concept art could be “created” from these  3d models.

Player model from Turbosquid

Player model face from Turbosquid

The released concept art did exactly what IMV hoped, it gave the impression the game was well under development and would be on par with NCAA Football in the visuals department.

What do you guys think?

IMV & Big Ant Studios – The Relationship That Never Developed…

IMV & Big Ant Studios – The Relationship That Never Developed…

On August 28th, 2017 IMV Gaming announced that they had found a developer in Big Ant Studios. Big Ant had not made an American football game, but they had made some games for similar sports such as lacrosse. There was one catch, however, as there always seems to be with IMV Gaming. Despite Big Ant only requiring half of the development fee upfront, IMV’s half was $2.5 million and they clearly didn’t and still don’t have the development funds. If they did, surely they would announce Big Ant Studios has started development of Gridiron Champions.

I wouldn’t sit my family down and tell them we have a new house then tell them we don’t really have a house, but someone said they would build the house if we pay them lots of money. 

Any builder will build most anyone a house for lots of money, there’s really no significance to this announcement. It seems it was just more smoke and mirrors to make it appear there was tangible progress when there was none.

Anyhow, when this news broke, I reached out to Big Ant Studios.