We understand your frustration with the inconsistency regarding when our newsletters have been coming out. With
that being said, we have decided that we will be sending out our newsletters on the first Monday of every month.
This will allow for us to be held accountable to get the newsletters out to you monthly. Also, all insiders will know
exactly when to expect to receive newsletters every month. Once the insider’s only website is launched, you will be
able to access your newsletter from there. We will no longer be sending it out via email because we have had too
many problems with people not receiving them from the newsletter emailing service that we use.

Fundraising Next Steps:

As we indicated in our latest community update, our company is on the brink of beginning our next round of
funding. This round of funding is meant to address the multi-million dollar capital need for the overall development
of Gridiron Champions. With that in mind, we are happy to report that our company has already isolated a capital
source that is very interested in fully funding our next round of funding before it even begins. We have been in
ongoing talks with this source for the past few months now. Our attorney recently updated us that the capital
source is ready to work towards closing a deal! This is very exciting because it will allow our company to close this
round of funding and immediately complete negotiations with our development options from a position of
strength. Ideally, our team would like to finalize this deal as soon as possible but we cannot provide an accurate
timeline regarding when this deal will be closed. The timeline of the closing is going to be completely dictated by
the capital source itself. Nonetheless, we will be releasing a full press release immediately once this deal is

Updating Account Information:

Please submit a form on our website to update your mailing address if you have relocated since you signed up for
our pre-sale program. We would like to make sure that we have the most up-to-date information prior to sending
out all physical rewards. Once we receive your email, we will update your account information within our records.
We intend to give all insiders up to the final day of January 2019 to update their account information. We intend to
send out all physical rewards by the end of February 2019.

Insider’s Only Website:

In January 2019, our company will be launching a website strictly for insider’s only! This website will be used for
insiders to access newsletters, interviews, testimonials, partnership videos, announcements and other exclusive
content. Our goal with this website is to create a place for all of our most loyal supporters to access exclusive news
and content. We plan to announce that the site has been updated via social media so that you can log in and
access the new content/news as it is released. If you have any other ideas of what you would like to see on this
website please submit a form on our website with the subject line “INSIDERS ONLY WEBSITE” for our team to

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