New Years/2019 Goals:

Firstly, our company would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! 2018 was
a very important year for our company that was filled with many ups and downs. We made
many vital relationships and established a very strong foundation for our company going
forward. Nonetheless, we are very excited about the foundation that we were able to establish
in 2018 and are excited about our groundbreaking plans for 2019! Our company goals for this
year are to complete this round of funding, begin full-time development on Gridiron Champi-
ons, launch our Insider’s only website, send out all Insider rewards and a few others that we will
share later! With that in mind, we appreciate all of your support in us achieving our goals and
we wish you much success this year in achieving your goals as well

Thank You:

Secondly, we would like to thank all of you for the vast amount of support and understanding
following last months newsletter where we addressed the negatively that we had been noticing
on social media. Whether you all know it or not, your support truly helps keep us motivated
towards achieving all of our goals! In any entrepreneurial journey there are many ups and
downs. When we face adversity in this journey, our team just thinks about all of you that have
chosen to support us. We also think about others that want to see college football video games
return to the market. As we outlined in our last newsletter, we have faced so much scrutiny and
adversity throughout our time in business. It’s baffling to think about just because of the hearts
and minds of the members of our team that have nothing but the purest intentions with this
venture. Nonetheless, our team feels obligated to carry this burden and complete this journey
for you! It’s not about money, status or anything else. It’s simply about creating the highly
sought after product that we all would like to play ourselves! It’s frustrating for us that we
haven’t been able to begin development yet but it’s necessary for us to complete this last
round of funding first so that we can have the necessary capital to create a high quality, AAA
simulation football game that we all can truly enjoy.

Fundraising Next Steps:

As we indicated in our last newsletter, our company is on the brink of beginning our next round
of funding. We are still in deep negotiations with the capital source that we mentioned is very
interested in fully funding this round of funding. We feel that the deal could have been done by
now but the holidays delayed talks for two weeks unfortunately. Also, our legal team has
notified us that we have interest from two other parties but our executive team would like to
focus on getting a deal done with the source that we have already been negotiating with so
that we can begin development as soon as possible in 2019. Nonetheless, we will resume talks
with this capital source on January 7, 2019. It is our team’s goal to get this deal done before
the end of February if not sooner. With that in mind, the timeline of the closing of this deal is
going to be completely dictated by the capital source itself. So, please keep in mind that we
have no control over when this gets done but we are doing everything in our power to get this.

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