Fundraising Next Steps:

As we indicated in our last newsletter, our company was approached about potentially working with another company on this venture. This is an opportunity for our company gain a significant amount of capital in exchange for equity in our company.

We very are happy to report that we were able to agree in principle to a sizable deal with this company last month. With that in mind, we are currently finalizing the paperwork for this deal with our legal team. We expect for this paperwork to be finalized and be able to officially announce further details in a full press release very soon.

As indicated last month, please allow us to quickly temper your expectations; this company is not a software development or video game publishing company. They are in a different industry but after following our due diligence process we deemed that their company would be a perfect partner. All in all, our company’s share similar core values, a passion for sports, and a drive to make an impact outside of our core businesses. All in all, this is very exciting news and we are very excited about finalizing this multi-million dollar deal. The capital that our company will receive from this deal will allow for us to take the necessary steps move forward with beginning full-time development on Gridiron Champions!

Lastly, our company is still in ongoing negotiations with other larger capital sources that are interested in funding our company. The deal that we are working to finalize as described above will only make our deal look more attractive to these capital sources. Please keep in mind, we are pushing our legal team to accelerate the process as much as we can but our team can only control the variables that it can control within these negotiations and fundraising processes. All in all, it is our hope to get all of these deals finalized as soon as we can so that we can secure the capital, begin full-time development as soon as we can and get all the necessary details out to you as soon as possible.

New Advisory Board Announcement:

We are excited to report that Dat Nguyen has agreed to become a member of iMackulate Vision Gaming’s Advisory Board! For those that may not know, our advisory board consists of a group of individuals that advise and direct our company’s executive members in business decisions and strategy.

Mr. Nguyen will lend his vast network, expertise on the college football landscape, and expertise on the inner workings of the administration side of college football. These efforts will all be made to assist our company with ensuring quality and authenticity within Gridiron Champions. Nguyen will also be working with the company to solidify IMV’s Gridiron Hero retention and acquisition model.

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